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Advanced Weight loss Protein formula - 1kg

Once again Hench.Ltd are breaking new ground in bodybuilding supplements in their 'ADVANCED' range.


Hench.Ltd Advanced Weight Loss Protein Formula is designed to help you achieve a lean and defined physique. Whilst being formulated to deliver a nutritous dose of protein in the most minimal calorific sense possible. It is also enhanced with the addition of weight loss supporting compounds.


Hench.Ltd Advanced Weight Loss Protein Formula contains high quality sources of protein for rapid absorption to build lean muscle and aid in reducing muscle tissue breakdown.


Hench.Ltd Advanced Weight Loss Protein Formula takes this one step further with the inclusion of a range of tried and trusted metabolism boosting compounds with a variety of potent fat loss aiding, anti oxidant and metabolism boosting properties.


This product works out at under £1 a serving, acting as

  • an optimum diet protein shake,
  • CLA supplement,
  • Green tea supplement,
  • Acai supplement
  • L-Carnitine supplement 
  • An active weight loss formula


For Extreme results, try stacking with Hench.Ltd Extreme Fat Burners for our ultimate Cutting cycle stack. Hench.Ltd TTT can be safely added to this stack for those looking to develop lean muscle mass whilst burning fat - check out our Ultimate Lean Gains stack to find out more


Each serving of Hench.Ltd Advanced Weight Loss Protein Formula contains


  • 21gs Protein 
  • 150mgs Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • 120mgs Acai Berry 4:1 Extract 
  • 120mgs Green Tea
  • 15mg CLA Powder
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