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  • Hench.Ltd Extreme Pump (60 Caps)

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    Hench.Ltd Extreme Pump- The clue's in the name!

    Taken 1 hour before training, our advanced amino acid NO complex delivers instant, insane results. Each capsule contains clinically research based, powerful nutrients and is formulated to be the best product of its kind for enhancing Intensity & Muscle pump.

    Once released in the body, Hench.Ltd Extreme Pump dilates the vessels and increases blood flow in the muscles, ensuring availability of more Oxygen and nutrients. During training this delivers intense, vein popping vascularity and increased muscular size, aswell as reducing fatigue and powering you through your most intense workout ever!


    Our tested, 100% legal, stimulant free formula contains no competition banned substances and can be safely stacked with any other Hench.Ltd Advanced supplement. 

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