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Ultimate Lean Gains Stack

The Hench.Ltd Lean Gains Stack, is based on our cutting stack with the addition of Hench.Ltd TTT thrown in, creating our ultimate supplement combination for those looking to build lean muscle whilst cutting up to achive that lean, ripped look.


The stack contains;  (click on individual product links to learn more)


  1. Hench.Ltd Advanced Weight Loss Protein Formula 
  2. Hench.Ltd Extreme Fat Burners
  3. Hench.Ltd Advanced TTT - TheraTosTerone 


The addition of our patented Hench.Ltd TTT to our cutting stack gives the advantage of fueling the body with increased testosterone levels, causing lean muscle mass growth and raised stamina levels. Results can be seen and felt within days, with studies showing regular use to increase strength by 67%.The active ingredient’s clinically proven, androgenic properties result in increased fat metabolism as well as increased muscular development.


Working Synergistically with our Extreme Fat Burners to deliver powerful thermogenic weight loss effects and supercharge both physical energy and mental focus. The tried and tested ingredients in our advanced fat Burner formula boost your metabolic rate and supress hunger. Additionally, you will find that your drive to exercise and push yourself physically will be greatly enhanced.


The stack is completed with Hench.Ltd Advanced Weight Loss Protein Formula which contains high quality sources of protein for rapid absorption to build lean muscle and aid in reducing muscle tissue breakdown.


Hench.Ltd Advanced Weight Loss Protein Formula takes this one step further with the inclusion of a range of tried and trusted metabolism boosting compounds with a variety of potent fat loss aiding, anti oxidant and metabolism boosting properties.


The Hench.Ltd Lean gains stack really is the ultimate supplement combination for building muscle and burning fat to  achieve a lean, ripped look.

Our 100% natural and legal formulas will deliver Increased stamina and raised libido levels, resulting in you powering through workouts without fatigue or any of the side effects associated with black market, illegal alternatives.


Purchased individually, the retail value of the supplements in this stack totals £93.99

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